Ghost Immobiliser Birmingham

The Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser is often recognised as the best aftermarket vehicle security device available. It offers protection form key cloning and vehicle relay theft.

Ghost Immobiliser

Having a Ghost Immobiliser Birmingham installed means a thief is unable to steal or clone your keys to gain access to your vehicle. They are unable to swap the ECU or override the PIN code regardless of the advanced techniques they try to use.

The Ghost Immobiliser doesn’t require you to carry a separate pin code, it works by the creation of a unique pin code sequence using the buttons in your cockpit and centre console. The exact sequence must be entered for the ignition to start.

A common question that people ask is what happens when someone needs to use your vehicle, but you don’t want to give out your ghost immobiliser pin. For example, if you need mechanical work or a valet, there is a special mode you can put your vehicle in to temporarily disable the Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser. It kicks back in as soon as you begin driving over 3 miles, or you re-enter the service code. That way you can ensure your pin is never comprised. If it is compromised for any reason or you forget, you have full aftercare to call and get the pin changed confidentially.

Autowatch Ghost Installers Birmingham

Autowatch Ghost Installers Birmingham ensure your installation is non-invasive or damaging to your vehicle, as well as being reversible. This is helpful when needing to ensure your vehicle warranty isn’t impacted, as well as having the option to move it onto a new vehicle if you sell your current one.

Ghost Immobiliser Birmingham