Ghost Immobiliser Birmingham

The Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser is often recognised as the best aftermarket vehicle security device available. It offers protection form key cloning and vehicle relay theft.

Ghost Immobiliser

Having a Ghost Immobiliser Birmingham installed means a thief is unable to steal or clone your keys to gain access to your vehicle. They are unable to swap the ECU or override the PIN code regardless of the advanced techniques they try to use.

The Ghost Immobiliser doesn’t require you to carry a separate pin code, it works by the creation of a unique pin code sequence using the buttons in your cockpit and centre console. The exact sequence must be entered for the ignition to start.

A common question that people ask is what happens when someone needs to use your vehicle, but you don’t want to give out your ghost immobiliser pin. For example, if you need mechanical work or a valet, there is a special mode you can put your vehicle in to temporarily disable the Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser. It kicks back in as soon as you begin driving over 3 miles, or you re-enter the service code. That way you can ensure your pin is never comprised. If it is compromised for any reason or you forget, you have full aftercare to call and get the pin changed confidentially.

Autowatch Ghost Installers Birmingham

Autowatch Ghost Installers Birmingham ensure your installation is non-invasive or damaging to your vehicle, as well as being reversible. This is helpful when needing to ensure your vehicle warranty isn’t impacted, as well as having the option to move it onto a new vehicle if you sell your current one.

Ghost Immobiliser Birmingham

Redundancy & Settlement Agreements

In the current climate and with Covid-19 dominating the year of 2020, many people are finding themselves unemployed or facing losing their jobs.

A lot of companies this year are being forced to close their doors or at least downsize their workforce.

Redundancy & Settlement agreements may be offered or put on the table; a good employer will discuss all of this with you first to see if there are any other possible alternatives.

Two ladys in an office

If redundancy & settlement agreements are the only option, your employer must first consult with you before any notice is served.

If you are being faced with redundancy there are a few things you may be eligible for, such as:

A notice period, Redundancy pay, time off to search for a new job or redeployment opportunities.

Redundancy & settlements agreements will be offered and if you agree you will be asked to sign to say that as an employee you waive the right to bring any claims against your employer, the settlement agreement will cover that.

If you agree to a settlement agreement with your employer, you must take advice from an independent lawyer and ask them to check the terms and conditions off the paperwork, an employer will usually put towards the cost of this.

Redundancy & Settlement agreements can be complex so asking a legal advisor to look at it is always a good idea. They should be able to give you honest and clear advice as to whether the redundancy & settlement agreements are fair, and you are being treated correctly.

Contact an employment law specialist who should be only too happy to help you in these most difficult of circumstances. They are the experts in Redundancy & settlement agreement cases, so will be able to point you in the right direction of getting a fair hearing and a decent payout.


The Best Audi Car Hire London

Audi Hire London

Audi makes a wide variety of cars including saloon cars, 4x4s and supercars. This variety means there is a car for everyone whatever needs they may have. Hiring is a great way to try a car for an extended period before you consider making a purchase.

Special events and holidays often require cars to be hired. Depending on what is needed, and the budget, there is a car for all types of occasions.

Audi R8 Hire London

For special occasions such as weddings or proms, a supercar hire is a popular option. Audi’s flagship model the R8 supercar is a popular choice for any type of special event.

The Audi R8 hire London is available as a convertible or with a solid roof. It is at the forefront in performance thanks to its aerodynamics and lightweight components.

If you are looking for something less powerful or maybe something with more storage space, then look no further than the rest of the Audi range.


Audi R8


Audi Q7 Hire

The Audi Q7 is an ideal car for holiday hire due to its large storage space which will fit many suitcases and passengers. Air conditioning sat-nav and 7 seats are all features offered by the Audi Q7 as well as a luxurious interior. The Audi Q7 also features an updated version of the Quattro system.

The Audi range offers a vehicle for any type of event or occasion, whatever budget, or requirements you may have there will be a car for you.

Different Types of Welding

Welding is the process of fusing two pieces of metal together. There are many types of welding which can be used to fix two pieces of metal together, therefore the correct method needs to be chosen based on the work being carried out.

Some welding processes can be done by machine but some still require the use of a skilled professional welder. This article will discuss the different types of welding and what applications they are used for. Welders in industry are required to be qualified to certain standards, this is often required for coded welding.

MIG (Metal Inert Gas) Welding

This is the process of combining two pieces of metal together using a wire connected to an electrical current. A shielding gas is used when the two pieces of metal are being welded together to prevent the weld being contaminated. This is the most common type of welding in industry today. Mild steel, stainless-steel and aluminium are all metals which can be fused together using the MIG welding process.

Arc Welding

Arc welding is often referred to as stick welding due to how basic the process is. This type of welding is often used in the construction of steel structures and industrial fabrication, stick welding can also be used in manufacturing and repair work.

TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) Welding

A tungsten electrode is used in the TIG welding process, this electrode is non-consumable. This type of welding takes a huge amount of skill to complete properly as it is a complex process. TIG welding is used when a superior finish is needed without the use of excessive grinding or sanding.

In conclusion these are the main types of welding used in industry today and they cover a wide range of jobs.

The many uses of cantilever arms

Types of cantilever arms available

The definition of cantilever arms are freestanding racks that have one or more vertical supports with multiple horizontal loads carrying arms attached to the vertical support. Often, brace sets maycantilever arms be installed in between the vertical supports to enhance the load carrying capacity of the cantilever-type arm. Thus, the three essential parts of these arms comprise the vertical support, the horizontal arms, and the brace sets. These arms have open, easily accessible storage shelves that enable easy placement and removal of stored items.

Uses throughout various industries

The uses of these arms are not limited to industrial units. They are employed in locations as varied as construction sites, mining units, warehouses, lumber units and so on. Such arms are most commonly used for storing items such as plywood sheets, rods, logs, piping and tubing, steel bars, and so on. In short, any long and awkwardly-shaped product can be stored in such arms. If manufactured using high-quality materials, these arms can prove to be the workhorses of any site or facility. The best part about such arms is that they can be custom configured according to the demands of each application. And, once an arm is installed, it is possible to change the configuration in a few simple steps. However, it is crucial to note that such a task needs to be carried out by a professional to ensure that the structural integrity of the arm is not compromised. The user might choose to place these arms indoor or outdoor. Depending on where they need to be used, these arms must possess special coatings and material properties. A powder-coated arm, for instance, is ideal for use in rough and tough environments. It will not corrode or get scratched easily.

Important aspects of when ordering

When ordering cantilever arm systems, your manufacturer or supplier will most likely suggest the right configuration after taking into consideration the nature of your operations. However, here are some basic things that you might want to familiarize yourself with before you consult with manufacturers, this aspect the most basic one and a wrong judgment at this stage could cause damage to the objects being stored. For instance, the spacing of the arms shouldn’t be so far apart that load deflection occurs. If the arms are too short, you might have trouble placing objects correctly on the racks. If the arms are too long, you will end up wasting space, and accessibility might become a potential problem. The height of the vertical supporting beam. The upright arm of these racks needs is as tall or short as your application requires. For instance, if you are using automated forklifts loading and unloading, you could opt for longer vertical beams.